What To Expect From Your First Visit

Your first visit with us includes a preliminary personal interview with Dr. Jacka to review your completed medical and dental history forms. At this time, we will discuss any and all of your dental concerns, your current oral hygiene habits and your short and long term goals as they pertain to your oral health. Please feel free to ask Dr. Jacka any questions at this time.

From this interview, we will determine the minimum necessary X-rays required to make a proper diagnosis. We will conduct a thorough exam of the head and neck region followed up by an oral cancer exam of the soft tissues of your mouth. We will conclude with a tooth by tooth dental exam. At this time, we will summarize and present our findings to you.

The last 20 to 30 minutes will be spent with your dental hygienist. She will perform a thorough evaluation of your gum tissues, determining to what extent, if any, you have gum disease. She and Dr. Jacka will then recommend the ideal treatment for your gums.